Please read the following information and license agreements carefully. Downloading and using our textures and resources implies that you have read and accepted the following terms and conditions.

This agreement may not be resold or reassigned, distribution and/or resale of the content in part or whole is prohibited.

General Terms of Use:

Product Usage

Our textures/digital products for sale on may be used for small commercial or personal use.

Our license is issued only to the person that downloads the resources and can only be used according to our license.You may not sub-license, assign, or transfer our license(s) to anyone else without prior written (email) consent from us.

You may not resell or redistribute our textures/digital products as is in any way, modified, unmodified, singularly or combined with another product to anyone else without prior written (email) consent from us.

Modifications of Textures

You are allowed to modify our textures to make them fit your requirements. However, they will still be subject to our license regardless of the extent of the modification.

Unauthorized Distribution

You may not place any of our textures and/resources, modified or unmodified, on a diskette, CD, website or any other medium and offer them for redistribution or resale in a manner that would violate our Terms of Use and license.  You may reference to our website (Please see Linking Back)


You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership of any of our textures/digital products, modified or unmodified. All textures/digital products remain our property.

None of the textures/digital products or a derivative of the textures/digital products may be copyrighted.

If you have a question or wish to talk to us about our license please contact us.

Insight Design License

Our license (and terms and conditions of use) is included within all our products and is available to view before you make a purchase at shop.insightdesigns. It is the buyer’s responsibility to read and understand this license before purchase. If you are unsure about anything in our License, please contact us directly.

Basically the Insight Design license lets you use an item for personal and small commercial use.

Also covers:

  • personal use
  • Any virtual worlds
  • 3D games and models
  • Printed material and media
  • Within Scrap booking projects and designs
  • Graphic design and websites/blog
  • CD/DVD covers

If used within 3D content the textures (and derivatives) must be applied to the model and not sold seperately.

If used for printed materials, scrapbooking and digital art or website and blog design all images must be flattened and resized correctly.

The Insight Designs license does NOT allow you to resell the item by itself (including derivatives). You may only incorporate the item into a larger work that is then sold. The original item will always remain the property of Insight Designs.

It is NOT permitted to:

  • sell or distribute any of these textures/digital products (including derivatives) for free or commercial gain where the derived product you are selling or distributing is a texture or a collection of textures or a set of digital papers or physical scrap papers (please do get in touch if you wish to license any of our designs)
  • sell or give away any of these textures (modified or not) as a single texture or in a texture pack!
  • remove the license (or any other parts) from the pack and redistribute it.
  • share our textures (including derivatives) with any third person or parties.
  • create templates, free or for non profit use, including but not limited to blog and website templates, photography templates, business card templates.
  • sell products on reseller websites such as Zazzle, cafepress, society6 etc.

It is strictly forbidden to resell our products including derivatives as clip art, digital papers, scrap booking kits, templates,  textures or anything similar to insight designs products.

You are permitted to use our textures in as many design projects as necessary, including those you are creating for your clients.  Please format, flatten and resize your images correctly before hand.

All Textures/digital products remain the ownership of Insight Designs.

You acknowledge that our digital products are protected by copyright and belong to insight designs and its respected artists. Any reproduction without written confirmation from the copyright owners is a violation of law and is prohibited. You agree not to reverse engineer, decompile or attempt to recreate copies or derivatives.  It is not permitted to rent, lease, sub license, lend or distribute the digital products in any form.

All items in the product/files are original works.

Copyright © inSight Designs

Other Licenses:
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